Day 4

13 01 2011

Well, 4 days in & we have already shot over 300 recto images of the Koran. As we move through, the manuscript has to be adjusted to get the best possible image. Normally, this would be simple, but again, due to its mammoth size, even this task requires great care.

Almost half way through

As you can see above, the manuscript is comfortably open resting on the spine in the centre. As we move through however, leaving the supports at this level will put pressure on areas of the spine, causing it to lift. The pages will then also curve, causing shadow into the gutter. We counter this by adjusting the angle of the manuscript, closing it in effect. By adding another foam wedge behind the boards, there is no strain on the spine allowing it to rest flat again. We then of course need to adjust the camera and tripod. When the camera is set up correctly, the pages are then still uniform in the image.

Being watched over by the Grafton Portrait, which some belive to be the Bard himself. The library has no standing on this claim!

As the manuscript is illuminated throughout, it can be quite a challenge getting balanced light across the page, that both highlights the gold, and covers the page evenly. By bouncing light using the ceiling in the room we can highlight the gold while maintaining an even spread across the rest of the page. Far too often you see beautifully illuminated manuscripts photographed badly where the gold, however reflective on the page, appears dull and a brown / orange colour.

The header on this page shows the gold well

اليوم الرابع

تم تصوير حتى الان حوالي 300 صفحة امامية من القراَن. هذه العملية لم تكن في غاية السهوله و ذلك بسبب حجم القراَن، حيث تم وضعه بشكل معين للتأكد من عدم وجود ضغط على عامود التجليد و عدم انطواء الصفحات مما يلقي ظلاً قد يؤثر على عملية التصوير

من ناحية اخرى، شكلت الاضاءة عائق اَخر نتيجة لعدم وجود توازن في الضوء على كافة الصفحة في بعض الاحيان و انعكاس الضوء في صفحات اخرى مما ادى الى عدم اظهار لالوان بشكلها الصحيح




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