End of week one

14 01 2011

Detail of a header

The first week of digitisation has come to a close, finishing nearly 400 images of the Koran. We aimed to finish the rectos by the end of the day. However, very tricky gold areas, and shiny areas of the paper, slowed us down as we had to adjust the lighting for nearly every page.

As we have progressed, we have been keeping a record of some interesting areas of the pages. The manuscript has been repaired in places in the past, as you can see below.

An early repair

We have also found a few strange holes right through some pages that have not been repaired. We are not sure exactly why this is. Interventive conservation work, like that above, is not often performed here at Deansgate, especially on such an important manuscript. Often, techniques can cause more harm than good. By taking a more preventative approach, we now aim to stop any further damage, and leave an item as it is.

A hole in the page

We also came across some doodles in the margins on one page. So far, these are the only examples of marginalia we came across. They appear to be quite crudely scribbled, and not in the same style as the actual text, which suggests the have been drawn later, possibly by a child. It also appears that someone has tried to rub the biggest area away.

Doodles in the margins

All in all it has been a very successful start to the project, and we are ahead of schedule. Next week, we will finish off the rectos and begin on the versos. Tuesday is our ‘press day’ where a  press photographer will be photographing us work. We will post any stories published.

Christian, Jamie and Elaine working on the Koran

نهاية الاسبوع الاول

شارف الاسبوع الاول على الانتهاء و قمنا بتصوير 400 صفحة و لكن لم نتمكن من الانتهاء من تصوير الصفحات الامامية نتيجة لاستخدام ماء الذهب في بعض الصفحات مما استدعى ضرورة  تعديل الضوء الشيء الذي ابطأ العملية بعض الشيء

خلال عملنا قمنا بتسجيل بعض الملاحظات ذات الاهمية و منها تم ملاحظة عملية ترميم الصفحات في بعض الاحيان .. و كذلك وجدنا بعض الثقوب الغريبة التي لم يتم ترميمها. و لان استخدام بعض التقنيات في عملية الترميم قد يسبب اضراراً قررنا ترك المخطوط على ما هو

كذلك تم ملاحظة بعض الرسومات العشوائية التي لربما رسمها طفل صغير، و من الملاحظ انه تم محاولة مسحها

يمكننا اعتبار المشروع حتى الان ناجح بشكل عام و سنحاول الانتهاء من تصويرالصفحات الامامية الاسبوع القادم و من ثم سنبدأ بتصوير الصفحات الخلفية



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