Week 2. Rectos photographed

17 01 2011

At the end of the rectos

Today is the beginning of the second week of photography. We have finished the initial photography of the rectos, totalling 473 (minus the cover). We will be photographing the covers back in the studio, where we are able to lay the volume flat.

Throughout the second half of the manuscript, it would appear someone has annotated certain pages. Some blocks of text in a different hand appear written in various places around the margins.

Writing in the margin

There has also been some beautiful adornments within the main text. As well as the incredible headers, there are few other lovely additions.

As you can see, the majority of the illumination is in fantastic condition. The gold and colours are still so vivid; it looks thoroughly modern. The final 2 leaves of the manuscript however, seem to have became damaged at some time. There is a strange green wash over 2 of the leaves. This is the only example of this happening throughout the manuscript.

One of the damaged leaves

We are not exactly sure what has caused this, but we are going to try to find out. The page appears to have been cut and remounted at some point.

Tomorrow, photographers from the press will be coming to catch up with our progress. Hopefully, national news will catch onto the story and you will be seeing us in the papers (again!).

الاسبوع الثاني . تصوير الصفحات الامامية

بدأنا اليوم الاسبوع الثاني من عملية التصوير حيث تم تصوير 473 صفحة امامية من القراَن باستثتاء الغلاف. من الواضح في الجزء الثاني من النص بأنه كان هناك العديد من التعليقات على بعض الصفحات بالاضافة الى بعض الملاحظات في الحاشية

كذلك يلاحظ زخرفات تجميلية خلال النص و يلاحظ مدى جمال الالوان و حسن وضعها، فنرىالمزيج بين ماء الذهب و الالوان و كأنها تنطق. من جانب اخر نرى صفحتان تبدوان تالفتين بعض الشيْ حيث نلاحظ وجود لون اخضر باهت في الخلفية لا نعرف سببه. كما يلاحظ ايضاً انه تم قص الصفحات و اعادة لصقها في مرحلةٍ ما



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21 01 2011
The Bigger Picture

Link Love: 1/21/2011…

The Koran of Kansuh al-Ghuri being photographed, 2011, Courtesy of the Gateway to the Koran of Kansuh al-Ghuri blog. A huge and rare 14th century Koran, too fragile to be displayed, will be digitized by the University of Manchester and displayed onli…..

16 02 2011

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17 02 2011

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