Translated note

19 01 2011

Academic adviser to the project (and JRUL Middle Eastern Studies Librarian) Paul Tate visited us today, and was able to translate the small note from the margin below.

Writing in the margin

The note relates to Surat al-Qamar (moon) and is the 54th Sura of the Koran, verse 7. It reads, “They will emerge from the graves like locusts spreading’. Written upside down on the page, it is in a different hand to the main text. It appears someone must have been making notes as they read. There are also many other interesting additions throughout the manuscript, such as corrections to grammar. Some large Koran were used for teaching, perhaps this note was added by a teacher as a student read.


ترجمة سريعة

قام المسوول الاكاديمي للمشروع (قسم الدراسات الشرق اوسطية في مكتبة جون رايلندز) باول تيت بزيارتنا اليوم و قام بترجمة سريعة للحاشية في الاسفل. حيث تبين انها مأخوذة من سورة القمر و تم كتابتها بشكل معكوس، كذلك تبين وجود بعض التعديلات القواعدية خلال النص، و لان بعض القراَيين كان يتم استخدامها للتعليم فلربما هذه التعليقات كتبها استاذ أو طالب



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20 01 2011

Amazing project!

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