Photography complete (almost)

24 01 2011

This morning the initial photography of the pages was completed. 940 images now have to be cropped, checked and processed before we can upload them into Turning the Pages. We still have to photograph the front and rear boards, however this will be done in the studio, as the manuscript will need to be totally flat.

Christian will also use this week to go back through and take more detailed images of certain areas using a macro lens. One of the areas we will be photographing more closely is the small stamp on the first page. Doing this will hopefully assist scholars in dating the Koran. A closer look at the binding will also help.

On a lighter note, an image of us working has recently been used in the BBC magazine’s caption competition. You can see the winners and the other entries here.

الانتهاء من عملية التصوير(تقريباً

تم هذا الصباح الانتهاء من عملية التصوير و ذلك بتصوير و تحجيم 940 صفحة و من ثم تحميلها لبرنامج قلب الصفحات الالكتروني. اما تصوير الغلاف من الامام و الخلف سيتم بالاستديو و ذلك لضرورة ابقاء القراَن بشكل افقي



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