Digitisation is complete.

27 01 2011

The entire Koran has now been digitised. 944 images have been taken, edited and processed into 120mb Tiff files. From there, they have also been converted into PNG files that Turning the Pages requires to create the virtual book.

The work is far from over however! We are waiting for the 2 leaves that are held in the Chester Beatty Library. They are currently in the process of digitising these 2 leaves. Once this is complete, we will add the image in the right order before publishing.  Suzanne is creating the catalogue records to accompany the images.

الانتهاء من عملية النقل الالكتروني

تم الانتهاء من عملية نقل القراَن الكترونياً حيث تم التقاط 944 صورة رقمية و تعديلها و من ثم نقلها الى البرنامج  لتمكين قراءة القراَن عن طريق قلب الصفحات الكترونياً. مع العلم بأنه تبقى صفحتان في مكتبة  “شستر بيتي” يتم العمل عليهن حالياً



2 responses

27 01 2011


Really looking forward to viewing the digitised pictures online. With the grace of the Almighty, I have a lot of experience in reciting and studying the Holy Koran. If I can be of any assistance in helping you index the pages (verse numbers and chapter numbers for each page) I am more than willing to help. I live in Yorkshire. You may contact me on my email address.

17 02 2011

i love it

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