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9 02 2011

Secure rolling stacks at the library, where the Koran is stored.

Now that the media furore has died down, and we have finished the digitisation, it is time for the manuscript to be returned to the climate controlled, secure storage area in the library. Before going back on its own shelf however, the Koran had to be re-acclimatised to avoid any damage. Because the conditions in the area we used for the photography are different to that in the store, a night of acclimatisation in the conservation studio was required.

الان و قد تم الانتهاء من عملية التحميل الالكتروني سيقوم الفريق من اعادة القران الى المنطقة المخصصة لحفظه في المكتبة. الا انه يجب العمل على اقلمة القران و ذلك بحفظه في درجة حرارة معينة لمدة ليلة كاملة قبل نقله الى منطقة حفظه و ذللك منعاً لتلفه.

The Koran back on its own shelf

The turning the pages kiosk is still being put together. As soon as we have the additional images from Chester Beatty, the virtual book will be fully put together. We aim to have this done very soon, and on display in the atrium to coincide with Islam Awareness Week.

مازال الفريق قائم على انهاء البرنامج و نحن بصدد استلام الصور تيين المتبقيتيتن من مكتبة (شستر بيتي) و نأمل بانهاء الرنامج ليتز امن مع اسبوع التعريف بالاسلام الذي سيقام بتاريخ 28 اذار – 3 نيسان.



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