Turning the Pages Kiosk

22 02 2011

Turning the Pages station

The test section of the Koran is now installed onto the touch screen station in the library (John Rylands Library Deansgate). It is situated at the top of the stairs in the new atrium. We want your feedback! Comments cards are being drafted up now, along with a brief description of the software and how to use it, and also the history of the Koran itself. Other virtual books are being prepared now too. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, get in touch!

جهاز قلب الصفحات

تم الان وضع جهاز قلب الصفحات الألكتروني في مكتبة جون رايلندز – ديبسجيت, و قد قمنا بوزيع منشورات منعلقة بتاريخ القران كيفية استخدام الجهاز. يسعدنا تلقي تعليقاتكم على المشروع, كما يسعدنا تلقي اية اقتراحات لكتب اخرى




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