Koran in LUNA

22 02 2013
The Koran in LUNA

The Koran in LUNA

A reminder that the complete Koran is available for online viewing in the Library’s LUNA collection. A full Book Reader object can be found here.  Enjoy!




7 responses

23 02 2013
Hassan Raza

hi there,not able to see the pages. it does not load…please help. regards, hassan.

Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 10:05:33 +0000 To: hassanraza@hotmail.co.uk

4 03 2013

Hello, we’re currently experiencing problems with the system. Sorry you weren’t able to view the Qu’ran. Please try again in a few days as we’re doing our best to reinstall. Thanks

2 03 2016

hi there, will you be able to share High res RAW images? Thanks

2 03 2016

Dear Hassan,

We would not be able to supply any images for publication, without charge. If you are looking to get hi res images, please contact uml.chicc@manchester.ac.uk

2 03 2016

hi there, thanks for reply. i am looking to get high res images to print a1 copy. no publishing or commercial purpose here.

6 03 2016

sent email to uml.chicc@manchester.ac.uk on 2 march 2016. no response!

7 03 2016

A reply was sent to hassanraza@hotmail.co.uk on the 2nd of March at 12:03pm. Please check your junk folders, it may be in there.

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