Technical Information


For the digitisation of the Koran, we will be using our top of the range Phase One p65+ digitial medium format system. The back is used with a Phase One 645AF body, using a Phase One 80mm lens.

Other Equipment used includes;

2 Multiblitz Magnolite BL 40 lights, with 650w heads

Manfrotto Tripod and head

Tethered to Apple Macbook pro

Capture One Raw processing software

Colour Confidence Checker


The P65+ digital back has a maximum resolution of 60.5 million pixels, spread across a full fram 645 sensor. This gives unrivaled quality and detail, from Raw fils of around 60MB. Tiffs processed to around 100mb outputted, giving the user the ability to zoom incredibly far in to the image.




4 responses

4 02 2011
Al Rasheedi

Thank you for your hard work and sharing this event with us.

20 07 2011
Jake Benson

It was a great pleasure to meet both Jamie and Carol at the TIMA conference last week. I thought that you might like to know that a summary of the story of the Kansuh al-Ghuri Qur’an, the text of which appears to have been translated from your blog posts by Majid Sa’ili, was posted only yesterday on the Library of the National Assembly of Iran website:


25 08 2011
Hassan Raza

Hi there,
Hope to find you in good health and time. when will the Holy Quran will be put online so we can see it.

Kind Regards,
Hassan Raza from Lahore, Pakistan.l

26 08 2011

Dear Hassan,

The full turning the pages version of the Koran will be available very soon, we will announce it on here!

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